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What do you get when you take the marvels of science and technology and combine them with the art of great ice cream? You get the ability to make your own custom flavor of ice cream only a few minutes after you order it.

nitrogen freezer blender machines

Using the power of the instant freezing properties of liquid nitrogen, owners of Utah’s Fusion Freeze Creamery offer clients the ability not only choose their mix-ins, but the color of their ice cream, and a fusion of flavors that have endless possibilities. Want to make purple, orange flavored ice cream? Done. Want a soy-based cherry-flavored, green ice cream? Done. Simply blasting the churring concoctions with science instantly freezes the blending cream within seconds and because it is so fast the ice crystals are smaller, and therefore the ice cream is creamier. Don’t you just love science?

So when the owners thought about unveiling their new ice cream store, they went to Design 7 Studio to custom create a logo that not only conveyed a modern look, but had they market appeal they were looking for.

The result is simply delicious! A logo that is bold, whimsical, and clean.

Fusion Freeze Creamery logo

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Fusion Freeze Creamery logo